Information for Visitors

Our Weekend Worship Schedule

            Saturdays, 3:00 pm     Individual confessions

            Saturdays, 4:30 pm     Low Mass, Rite I

                                                            Traditional language, without music

                                                            Intimate and quiet; no music or incense

                                                            In the church, near the altar


            Sundays, 9:30 am        Morning Prayer

                                                           The ongoing prayer of the Church.

                                                            Psalms, scripture, praise. Simple and brief.

                                                            In the Lady Chapel

            Sundays, 10:30 am      Sung Mass

                                                            Full ceremony with a relaxed feel

                                                            Hymns, incense, bells

                                                            In the church

                                                            Coffee hour afterwards

            Sundays, 6:00 pm       Solemn High Mass

                                                           Holy Tradition and holy mystery

                                                           Chant, incense, bells; Eastward-facing celebration

                                                           In the church, near the altar


               Sundays, 8:00 pm       Compline (September to early May)

                                                            The Church’s night-time prayer

                                                            Sung by candlelight

                                                            In the church, near the altar


Weekday Mass


            Wednesdays, 6:30 pm     Low Mass

                                                            In the Lady Chapel


Our location

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St. Andrew's is on Main Street, south of the University at Buffalo's South Campus, between Highgate and Lisbon Avenue.

Where to park

From Main Street, the entrance to the parking lot is a little way down Lisbon Avenue, on the left. Street parking is also available.

What to expect in our worship

The 8:00 service is done in a simpler style. The 10:30 service is more "high church," which means that there is a procession as the priest enters at the beginning and leaves at the end, there may be incense used, and bells are rung at certain points. These rituals are highly symbolic, and help us to mark off our shared worship as a special event.

Prelude and postlude

At the beginning and end of the service, there is usually piano music.

The Book of Common Prayer

This book, which has been developed and refined over centuries, contains the order of what is done in worship. In particular, it has  The prayer book also contains the Book of Psalms. There is a different psalm for each service, and we chant it, in keeping with the psalms' ancient origin as songs of praise and prayer. You can find copies of the prayer book in the pews.


Hymn books can also be found in the pews. In each worship service we sing several hymns, which are announced by number. There is also "service music," the numbers for which are displayed on a board near the front. Don't be shy about singing.... we are called to "make a joyful noise to the Lord," not necessarily in tune!

Stand, sit, or kneel?

Generally, the congregation stands while singing hymns, while hearing the Gospel, and while saying the creed. We sit during other Scripture readings, the sermon, and any choir music. Standing or kneeling for prayer is a matter of personal preference - there are kneelers in the pews that can be folded out if you so desire.

Scripture readings

Individual members of the congregation read passages from the Bible. There is always a passage from the Gospels, which is read by the priest. This reflects the unique role of Christ's deeds and words in our faith.


The priest delivers a sermon that takes inspiration from one or more of the Scripture readings.

Passing the Peace

At a certain point, the people greet each other with handshakes, saying "Peace be with you," "The peace of the Lord be with you," or just "Peace."

Holy Communion

Receiving the bread and wine is the high point of the service, so it occurs near the end. All baptized Christians are invited to this holy feast with us, regardless of age or denomination. When the priest says, "These are the gifts of God for the people of God," that is the signal to approach the altar area. First you are given a wafer of bread, which you may eat then, or wait for the wine. Then, when you are offered the cup of wine, you may drink directly from the cup, or dip the wafer in and consume them together. Then, you return to your seat. Those who have not been baptized can also come up at this time, and cross their arms to receive a blessing from the priest.


The choir usually sings at the 10:30 service on the fourth Sunday of each month.

After Worship

After the service, we hold coffee hour downstairs. All are welcome to join with us for food and conversation.